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living couture

where nature meets fashion

The Penna Flower Company

Turning Flowers Into Art

As an artist, I am continuously overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and the endless possibilities of design. My wearable florals are a reflection of my lifelong enthusiasm for fashion, my experienced floristry, and the creativity I was born with. I strive to showcase the beauty of each bloom as I amass them into a unique ephemeral feast for the eyes.

Featured Work

My goal with every piece is to tell the story behind them through flowers. One client wanted to convey their grief and hope for their future so we used wood and moss and featured flowers that signaled springs rebirth. Each arrangement is thoughtfully planned and crafted with a unique blend of colors and textures, creating an unforgettable display of botanicals.

Bringing florals to life 

From bold and vibrant designs to intricate compositions, my portfolio features a wide range of styles, whether for editorial projects or art exhibits. 

Want to Collaborate?

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