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about taylor

In the countryside of rural Pennsylvania, Taylor spent her childhood surrounded by the beauty of nature and her mother's flower garden. She would immerse herself in the fragrant petals, examining the nature of each, sometimes choosing each flower for petal bubble baths. Her love for fashion was intense, she would lose herself in the pages of magazines on her bedroom floor, dreaming of faraway worlds. After years of honing her craft as a studio florist and freelancer, Taylor combined her passions to create living botanical couture, a kismet fusion of floristry and fashion.


Taylor studied Asian Studies, History, and Anthropology receiving a Bachelor's degree with honor in 2014. She also received a Certified Designer certificate from Portland's Floral Design Institute in 2016. While she considers it an absolute privilege and pleasure to have had the opportunity for formal studies, there is no education that can replace the experience gained through working at a craft in its environment. This is a shoutout to the wonderful people I've had the honor of working for and with over the years. As well as all of the collective experiences that have led me to this moment in time. 

Awards & Nominations

Art In Bloom Director's Choice Award 2024

Westmoreland Museum of American Art

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